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Update networking_101.rst (#334)

Replaced the uncommon word "hextet" with an expansion. Changed the example IPv6 address to be in the block reserved in RFC 3849 for documentation. Added a short explanation of zero-replacing in IPv6 addresses.
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......@@ -247,10 +247,18 @@ which aims to address the IPv4 address exhaustion problem.
Probably the most obvious difference of IPv6 to IPv4 is the representation of addresses.
Unlike IPV4, IPv6 uses a hexadecimal format to represent a 128-bit address. The format is
grouped into 8 hextets separated by a colon.
grouped into 8 groups of four hexadecimal digits separated by a colon.
For example:
Leading zeroes may be left off of a group in the address. Whole groups of zeros may be
left out entirely, but only once. Generally, the longest run of zeros is dropped, but
any run may be. Using these rules, the above address can also be represented in either
of these ways:
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